Case Studies

Jerry A. Edinger, Chairman, President, CEO

Customer Service Delivery Platform Corporation (CSDP)

CDSP is a Service Relationship Management (SRM™) company that automates end-to-end service functions of organizations to transform them from cost centers to revenue generators. As the President and CEO, Jerry A. Edinger knew that his company could benefit from a more hands-on, day-to-day accounting approach. Charged with finding the right accounting partner, Edinger selected The Steadfast Group to do month-end financial review and provide him with timely monthly reports to gain the visibility he needed to assess the health of his business. Now, after a relationship begun in 2011 with The Steadfast Group playing an instrumental role in a successful IRS audit, CDSP now has timely access to the right monthly reports to make informed business decisions. In addition, The Steadfast Group has streamlined and shortened the month-end close process while fluidly communicating with tax CPAs.

Vern LoForti, President

Overland Storage, Inc.

Overland Storage, Inc., now Sphere 3D, Corp., provides virtualization technology and data management that gives companies the flexibility they need to deploy public, private, or hybrid-cloud solutions coupled with affordable data storage. After two endeavors with SOX compliance consultants that resulted in spiraling costs, then-President, Vern LoForti, sought reliable expertise to remove the headaches of SOX compliance. Based on a referral, LoForti hired The Steadfast Group to establish Overland Storage’s internal control infrastructure, assist with SOX requirements, and provide a streamlined audit trail for external auditors. The Steadfast Group quickly got up to speed on Overland Storage’s unique needs, systems and controls, and provided accurate, on-time services that ensured SOX compliance – all within budget. This allowed the Overland Storage/Sphere 3D team to focus on what mattered most: running their business and serving their customers. The relationship between The Steadfast Group and Overland Storage/Sphere 3D, Corp. has continued since 2005.

Dennis Gage, Owner

Concorde Development

Concorde Development is a land sub-divider and developer that has acquired and managed over $100 million of real estate investments. After the Corporate Controller fell terminally ill, Concorde’s owner, Dennis Gage, needed to find the right partner to quickly and seamlessly step in and handle all accounting functions. Given the nature of Concorde’s business relationships, it was imperative that they have timely monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting, so finding that right partner was no small task. Based on a referral from the company’s tax accountant, Gage selected The Steadfast Group to immediately fill Concorde’s accounting needs. The Steadfast Group helped streamline all accounting operations and processes, which included the creation of checklists and reports to make accounting run more efficiently. The Steadfast Group also provided Concorde’s tax accountants with informative financial reports so they can better prepare tax returns and work closely with external auditors. In addition, The Steadfast Group ultimately spearheaded a change in accounting systems, which saved the company time and money. Since 2008, Concorde Development still relies on the accounting expertise of The Steadfast Group to ensure that the accounting is functioning effectively.

Gregg Ratkovic, Chief Operating Officer

Joppel, Inc.

Joppel, Inc. is an online service that assists senior citizens and their caregivers in choosing health plans. Initially, Chief Operating Officer, Gregg Ratkovic, opted to use The Steadfast Group for supplemental accounting services, but the relationship quickly evolved to comprehensive accounting services. The Steadfast Group laid the right groundwork to establish the accounting infrastructure and financial reporting processes to provide timely, informative reports. Since 2007, as the business evolved, the role and importance of The Steadfast Group also grew. Ultimately, Ratkovic opted to sell Joppel, Inc. and, throughout the transaction, The Steadfast Group provided financial reporting to assist in the sale of the business. Now, The Steadfast Group continues to provide accounting expertise for Ratkovic’s new business as well as for his corporate and personal income tax returns.